Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Skincare Tips

Currently where I am in MN, it is 0 degrees. Yes, you read that correctly, 0 degrees! It's that time of year where most women are bathing in lotion, applying chap stick every five minutes, and constantly trying to find the perfect skin care regimen. Well listen closely ladies, because I am going to give you my top two skincare tips to keep your skin fresh and glowing all winter long!

It's as simple as this: EXFOLIATE and HYDRATE. Yes, it's really that simple. After finding your favorite daily cleansing product, find the perfect exfoliating product. This could be a liquid type exfoliator, or consider looking into a cleansing brush. My personal favorite is the Mary Kay Skinvigorate cleansing brush shown in the picture below. Normally an exfoliating product would only be used two to three times a week, but this cleansing brush is gentle enough to use everyday!

Winter Skincare TipsWhy do we need to exfoliate you ask? Because this is what truly gets rid of the dead skin on your face, evens your skin tone, smooths everything out, and makes your face glow all year round! I've always had combination skin, but as soon as I started following a skin care routine, and exfoliating on a normal basis I now have normal skin!

(Remember this isn't only important for your face. You can use exfoliating products for your whole body! It's the same idea: scrub away the dead skin cells and reveal smooth and beautiful skin.)

Tip #2, always moisturize! Seems pretty obvious, but just remember that after you cleanse/exfoliate you need to replace the moisture you just took away. Even if you have oily skin! ALWAYS moisturize all year long, but especially in the winter. You might even need a slightly stronger moisturizer in the winter depending on your skin type.

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